Rear Spar

Today I completed the repair on the rear spar, replacing the W-707G reinforcing fork.  I then riveted the rear spar to the main ribs on the right wing.

I match drilled all the ribs to the main and rear spar of the left wing. Disassembled, deburred all the holes, and primed all the ribs.

Much progress!



Look, No Clecos!

Riveted the main ribs onto the spar on the right wing tonight.

I also aligned the wing wire conduit holes in the main spars using a laser level, then drilled them out to 3/4″ using a step drill bit. Worked quite well.


First Wing Error

I made my first significant error on the wings. In match drilling a couple of the ribs to the rear spar at the wing walk area, I match drilled from the rib side to the spar. This created a hole in W-707G that cut right through the edge of this part.

What I should have done is match drilled from the wing spar side into the ribs.

$25 in replacement parts on order…

PS – This isn’t my photo, but it shows exactly what I managed to do.