First experience with ProSeal. Nasty stuff!

My dad helped me install the left tank braces.





Today Grant (my instructor) and I did a half dozen take offs and landings. Next thing I know, he’s telling me to drop him off at the hanger and tells me the airplane will perform a lot better without him in it! Off I went and did two more SOLO take offs and landings! Not my best landings, but I didn’t bend, break or injure anything or anyone! Not bad…

I’m looking forward to the next part of my training!

Left Tank Skins and a Visit to the EAA Museum

This afternoon Cheryl and I installed the left tank skin to the ribs and match drilled them to final size. Then machine countersunk the skin to the rear baffle and deburred the entire left tank skin. Credit to Cheryl since I was quite frustrated.  No pictures since it all looks the same as the right tank.

Before all this work the family paid a visit to the EAA Museum and saw TONS of cool aircraft! Among the best is the RV-1 and its brethren.  Certainly served as inspiration…



Tank Access Plate

Today I fabricated the tank’s leading edge angle bracket that fastens the nose of the tank to the fuselage. I also deburred and dimpled all of the ribs. Then used a fly cutter (nasty little tool) to cut a 5.25″ hole in the inboard tank ribs. Then fabricated the interior reinforcement  ring with plate nuts that the access cover plate bolts up to.