Vertical Stabilizer Complete

Tonight I finished the vertical stabilizer. Went very smooth, maybe three rivets drilled out and replaced. I also received my replacement rudder stiffener. I cut that to size, primed all the stiffeners and primed the interior of the rudder and back riveted them together. Back riveting makes incredibly nice looking rivets and is very easy to do. The construction of the rest of the rudder is the most difficult of the tail section it looks like and errors can affect the way the plane flies too. Time to study some previous builder’s blogs for some tips…



Riveting Ribs onto the Skins

Today I riveted a couple of the ribs onto the skins of the horizontal stabilizer. I’m very happy with my work since I was very nervous about accidentally creasing the skins and putting a “smile” into my perfect skins. I did this twice on my very small practice kit in short order. Today’s rivets went in perfectly.

I’m waiting on an inspection at this point since any more progress would make the internal skeleton concealed.