Cheryl and Matt assisted again. We got the idle screw set at 650 RPM and got the fuel pump relay set so that it isn’t prematurely kicking on the backup pump.

We built up the back of the top cowl to allow sanding of the front side. This eliminated interference with the prop. Then ran the engine for the first time with the cowl installed. Found that the top cowl is fine but discovered the lower cowl is now showing some interference. Next, same procedure on the lower cowling!


Clear Prop!

Jeff and Glenn came over last night and helped Matt and I accomplish quite a few items. Matthew assembled the passenger side brakes almost single handedly. Jeff then led us through bleeding the brakes. They are now fully functional.

We then measured our fuel flow while the tail of the airplane was in a ditch, simulating fuel flow in a climb.

We then installed the Whirlwind HRT constant speed prop. And it sure is purty!