Solenoids and hoses…

Yesterday we swapped out a couple of bad starter solenoids. That solved the problem of my starter spinning up without being triggered. We also installed the oil pressure hose from the engine to the sensor.


Engine Build

Last week my father and I traveled to San Antonio to visit the Titan factory. We stayed overnight in Kansas with Carin Carin and Daveed and had a delicious meal. We finished the drive to Texas where we stayed with Jeff and Val for a few days. Jeff and my dad accompanied me to watch the engine being built. A huge thanks to my dad for coming along on this crazy adventure and to Carin, Daveed, Jeff, and Val for their wonderful hospitality!

Bobby Looper did the build of this awesome engine. It’s a counterwighted crankshaft IOX370. I went with the EFII system for fuel injection and ignition. The engine is rated at 200 HP, but this one put out 207 HP on the dyno.

Fuselage parts…

Lots of little parts being fabricated lately including the F-796 assembly that later attaches the forward portion of the wing to the fuselage. Not much to look at.

I did schedule my engine to be built and to observe its assembly. Titan will be building it September 6, 2016. My dad and I plan to visit Jeff Lefebvre in San Antonio while there for the engine.